Haycock Historical Society

Kringle Christmas Shoppe

Haycock Township Community Center ~1014 Old Bethlehem Rd in Applebachsville



Haycock Historical Society’s big annual fundraiser, Kringle Christmas Shoppe is moving to a new location beginning this December 1st, 2nd and 3rd!  We will be relocating to the newly formed Haycock Township Community Center, - in the auditorium of the former Haycock Elementary School.  It is less than a mile north of the Latvian Church on Old Bethlehem Road.   Throughout this year, major renovations will be done to the space, including the addition of a brand new kitchen, new flooring, open- beam ceiling, fire place and log interior walls, making this a fabulous rustic-cabin-looking space in which to host our Kringle Shoppe.  Best of all, the place will have ample parking and room for visitors to move about through our displays!

Our committee has already met to discuss strategies for making the new home work to everyone’s advantage.   We are committed to featuring only quality juried items from local sources and doing our very best to display the area in the most appealing way.  Our mission has always been to make this a winning situation for you, our vendors as well as for our non-profit group!

With double the floor space, we will be looking for more talented vendors to fill our hall.  It will help us tremendously to know who will be on board for this new adventure!  If you are interested in participating or know of someone in our geographic area whose talent should be considered, please forward that information to Sue McLaughin or Chris Handschin  at: kringleshoppe@gmail.com   

Some things to know about Kringle in our new location:

We will not charge visitors a cover charge to attend our event at the new location

We will offer an approximate 6’ wide by 6’ high by 3’ deep area for our crafting vendors, (Wall art space will be approximately 12’ wide by 6’ high)  We won’t charge for booth space -- rather we will continue to retain the same 25% of all sales, (20% from author’s sales) as we have always done in the past.

We will invite artisans annual participation as an option as the space can now accommodate this.

We will expand the daily hours of operation: Friday, 10-6, Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 10-4 which will translate into 5.5 more hours open for visitors to buy your items.

We will continue to invite live music and will add a bistro food and listening court for guests who wish to relax and enjoy the event.  We will be handicapped-accessible!

We will invite our Latvian Friends to perform at our event, and sell traditional Latvian foods and jewelry

We will continue to offer amazing raffle baskets filled with high-quality vendor items and local business gift cards and merchandise.

We will encourage craftsmen to volunteer to provide demonstrations of your creative process at scheduled times throughout the weekend. 

For the first time in the history of our event, the vendor fee will rise slightly, from $50 to $75 but there will be ample opportunity for you to reduce the fee by working prior, during and after the event.  We will be investing more money in advertising than ever before and will have limitless potential to add vendors so that Kringle will be THE HOLIDAY ART event to attend in Bucks County.

We will work toward communicating with our participants through email rather than through U.S. mail communication whenever possible.  

To save mailing costs, we will have a designated vendor packet (tags, inventory sheets) pickup site at the Community Center.  We are currently researching bar-coding to streamline the check-out of items in the future but may not be ready for this change for several more years.

We will continue to oversee arrangement of the show and its contents at the discretion of the committee